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Welcome to the 
Fallbrook Homeschool Academy!!
at Iowa Street School
TEACHERS' WEEK MAY 5th - 9th!  
Make your teacher's day special with a flower from your garden!
 Teachers' Week
Meet Ellis, our new FHA mascot! 
(Named in honor of Maie Ellis!)
"You're going to hear me  R O A R!!!" 
 We are a homeschool program within the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District. We offer two wonderful options for parents wishing to homeschool their child.  Our Classic Program is a traditional 5 day homeschool with curriculum, support and guidance provided by a credentialed teacher.  Our Core Program is a unique blended approach with two days of homeschool instruction and three days of in school instruction. We value parents as teaching partners and look forward to sharing our program with new families!

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