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 Welcome to San Onofre School,

Home of the Panthers! 
We are part of the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District and are proud to serve our military community on Camp Pendleton. San Onofre is a K-8 school with an incredibly dedicated staff and hardworking students. Our community and parents are welcome additions to our team as we work together to prepare the future leaders of the 21st century.
San Onofre School

The San Onofre School staff believes that it is our responsibility to teach a rigorous and relevant curriculum to all students in a close partnership between home, school and the community. The effective implementation of this philosophy will instill in our students an appreciation and desire to learn and work hard, the ability to think creatively and critically, and the belief that they will be successful in their future years of schooling and chosen careers.

San Onofre School, located within the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, will have a school environment that insures high academic achievement and self-worth for all kindergarten through eighth grade students. Every student will have an equal opportunity to maximize their learning potential through the core curriculum, support programs and enrichment activities.

Students will be able to develop creativity and higher level thinking skills through an integrated curriculum that is differentiated for all students. Individual and group productivity and responsibility will be recognized and rewarded.

San Onofre School staff will embody a sense of passion and focus of ensuring all students achieve high levels of learning aligned to the Common Core State Standards. They will work collaboratively and receive on-going training to develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Effective instructional strategies and approaches such as; Direct Instruction infused with analytical and critical thinking skills, grade level teaming, regrouping, flexible skill groups, and technology, will be utilized by all teachers to insure student success.

The home, school, and community will be a strong and positive partnership that will work collaboratively to improve academic success and personal well-being for all students. To fulfill this goal, all individuals in the partnership will utilize open, constructive communication and will exercise a mutual sense of respect and support for each other. 

News and Information

  • Spelling Bee Winners 
    Spelling Bee Winners  
    Congratulations to the following winners:
    1st place: Bryce Davidson (8th grade)
    2nd place: Sebastian Aguilar (8th grade)
    3rd place: Owen Carlton (7th grade)
    Bryce Davidson will soon be representing our school at the San Diego County Spelling Bee.
    Good luck, Bryce! 
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  • Readers are Leaders!
    The annual reading contest for third grade has concluded and the winners are:
    1 Sara Mohr with 2330 minutes
    2 David Ybarra with 2235 minutes
    3 Gracie Nelson with 2085 minutes
    4 Anna Suess with 2064 minutes
    5 Elsie Williams with 1996 minutes
    6 Korbyn Colman with 1861 minutes

    Mrs McConnell's class read the most minutes and went to the moon twice with 765,380 miles! They will enjoy a pizza party!
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  • The Leader in Me Parent Night
    San Onofre held its first Parent Night for The Leader in Me.  This popular, influential program has been embraced by our entire staff. Leadership and 7 Habit activities and language are found throughout the school. The highlight of the evening was our student leaders sharing how the 7 Habits have affected them. 
    Keep checking our website for future events.
    LIM   LIM
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  • Science Exploratorium
    San Onofre School’s media center became a hub of excitement and science inquiry during the annual Exploratorium on January 22. Now in its 16th year, the event featured eighth grade students teaching, demonstrating and engaging third through sixth graders and parent visitors. With an emphasis on interactive science workstations, the hands-on experience showcased physical science concepts while incorporating both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

    Each presenter was required to research a topic, conduct pre-test experiments with supporting data, document revisions and present findings in a project notebook along with an informative display. Technology support was evident in Rachel Jones amusement park physics lesson. Along with her model roller coaster, Rachel utilized a web site allowing participants to construct a virtual roller coaster to test their comprehension. Kevin Huffman demonstrated forces and motion with his RC car accompanied by an iPad application to reinforce key concepts. Students were flocking to Annika Rivera’s “Polymer Palace” to take advantage of the diaper dissection and make simple polymers. A chromatography lesson took on a practical application as Andrew Martin had students solve a mystery note problem by comparing ink brands. Students were also able to test their “power potential” at Sebastian Aguilar’s human powered hand battery station. Other interactive stations included pulleys, levers, magnetic fields, light reflection, and a Van de Graaff generator, to name a few.

    A number of seventh grade students accepted an invitation to present as well, and presented lessons related to their life science curriculum; a cow heart dissection, bacteria growth, reaction time and microscopic protozoan examinations.

    Funding for this program was supported though a grant from the Camp Pendleton Officer’s Spouses Club.
    Congratulations to our excellent presenters and their amazing teacher, Mr. Bryan Gunner!
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  • Welcome General and Mrs. Banta
    San Onofre School's Student Council members were school ambassadors for General and Mrs. Banta's recent visit. Our Preppy K and Kindergarteners welcomed them with songs. Then, Mrs. McConnell's third graders shared their Veterans Day writing. Next, they listened as Mrs. Rivera's fifth grader practiced for an upcoming flag ceremony. Finally, Miss Halpern's students shared their use of technology. Our school was honored to have these distinguished guests.
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  • myon
    For login information, contact your child's teacher, Mrs. Flaherty, or check out myON on our website.
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  • Miss Halpern's First Grade Class Honors Our Veterans
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  • Veterans Day Flag Ceremony 
    Posted by the Camp Pendleton Scout:

    The first Thursday each month, San Onofre Elementary school assembles with the staff, students and parents to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and to sing patriotic songs like the National Anthem, Marines' Hymn, Anchors Away and You're a Grand Old Flag. This month veterans were also invited to attend the ceremony in honor of Veterans Day.

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  •  Little Military Hero
    Alexis was recently chosen by Star 94.1 as their "Little Military Hero." She was presented with a laptop to help her blog with her deployed dad. Congratulations!
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  • cbee  honor roll

    For the second year in a row, San Onofre School has been selected a California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll School for 2013. We are very honored to have our students, families, and staff recognized for their "outstanding success in raising student academic achievement."




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The Leader in Me

  • Leadership Day 2015 at San Onofre School

    March 20th, San Onofre School hosted its very first Leadership Day, which is a step to becoming a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. The Leader in Me Lighthouse School title is awarded by Franklin Covey to honor the attainment of a well-rounded leadership model. Lighthouse Schools serve as models of leadership and mentors to other schools.
    The student led Leadership Day consisted of 7 Habits songs, skits, student speeches, technology demonstrations and school tours. The technology demonstrations highlighted BeeBots, Lego WeDo Robotics, iPad presentation projects, Cubelets, and Lego EV3 Robotics. Students from all grades, Preppie K to 8th grade, were showcased. Student emcees Jack Joseph, a 5th grader, and Sophie Williams, an 8th grader, led the event from start to finish. Community guests included San Clemente City Council member, Mrs. Kathy Ward, former San Onofre principals: Barbara Barnes and Julie Hong, our FUESD Board Members: Mr. Darryl Buntin and Mrs. Siegrid Stillman, and Superintendent Candace Singh.
    Guests were inspired to hear from students about how the 7 Habits have influenced their lives. One student spoke about how she was proactive when her mom was expecting her baby brother. To help her mom, she “jumped into action” without being asked. She washed the dishes, took care of the dog, and helped clean the house. Another student shared about Habit 3: Put First things first. She makes sure that she doesn’t forget to feed her dog. “My dog and I agree that Habit 3 is very important!” The students definitely demonstrated Habit 6: Synergize, Together is Better!
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  • What do the 7 Habits Mean to First Graders?
    Miss Halpern and Mrs. Bazzone's first graders conducted and recorded interviews about the Leader in Me's 7 Habits. They definitely exemplify the habit of synergizing!
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  • Check out the fun activities for students by The Leader in Me: 
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  • Miss Halpern's First Grade Class took on the enormous leadership job of making 700 Trick-Or-Treat For Unicef boxes for the school! They were able to do this in just one day!
    Their efforts helped San Onofre School to raise $598.80 for UNICEF, enough for a water pump for a village. The first grade team contributed the most with $234.10.  This earned them an extra Rock 'N Roll recess. This was an outstanding opportunity for our students to make a difference in the lives of other children.
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  • leadership
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  • Habit of the Week:

    Habit 4: Think Win-Win. 
    Habit 4
    I balance courage for getting what I want with consideration for what others want. I make deposits in others' emotional bank accounts. When conflicts arise, I look for a third alternative. I look for ways to be a good citizen.
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