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  • Potter Junior High School Honored with 2014 Golden Bell Award

    Potter Junior High School (Potter) received word that it is being honored with the 2014 Golden Bell Award, a leading educational honor in California sponsored by the California School Boards Association (CSBA). (Click on the title to see more.)

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  • Sean Covey Pays a Special Visit to Fallbrook Union Elementary

    The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD) was proud and honored to host Sean Covey, son of Dr. Stephen Covey, on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. in the Bowers Auditorium, Potter Junior High Campus. Sean Covey spoke to district parents and staff, then signed copies of his most recent book, The Leader in Me, Second Edition. (Click on the title to see more.)

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  • FUESD to Reopen Maie Ellis Elementary School in 2015-2016

    We are pleased to announce that our district plans to reopen Maie Ellis Elementary School next year as a school of choice for the dual language program, pending Governing Board approval on October 20th. It will join the home school program already housed at the site. (Click on the title to see more.)

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  • The Leader in Me

    The Fallbrook Union Elementary School District has embraced and implemented The Leader in Me approach in developing a culture of leadership in all of our schools based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® by Stephen Covey. (Click the headline to see more.)

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FUESD Inspires! Blog

  • Creating Leaders Every Day!

    Posted by Martha Garcia at 11/15/2014

    “I try to be a leader at school by doing my best and being a good example. At home I am a leader because I follow the rules and take responsibility of my animals. I am proactive because I take care of my horses and dogs before I’m told to. It makes me feel proud of myself.”

                                  - Pearl Baldi, Kindergarten 

    Our family’s introduction to “The 7 Habits” began the first week of class when my daughter Pearl came home singing and apparently performing an interpretive dance to a song about leadership principles. I thought, “Wow, that is catchy and entertaining. Where does her teacher fit in the time between math, language arts, and science to teach this?” I have come to understand that it is an important foundation for Pearl’s education and a model to help her lead a life that contributes to society, exemplifies moral character, and demonstrates responsibility. At first, “The 7 Habits” were just words and fun dance moves, but I see, in the short time my daughter has utilized them, it has brought deeper understanding to the choices she makes and we even have dialogue about those choices, making it a useful tool for me as a parent. Pearl feels very proud when she explains to me how she “Put First Things First” when she decides to tidy her room before going out to play. When she says nothing about “The Habits”, but grabs her water bottle for gymnastics and gives it a little shake to let me know she remembered it; I know she feels the same way for planning ahead. I feel proud too.

                            - Kiri Baldi, Parent of Pearl Baldi 

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  • Leading and Growing, Together at LOE

    Posted by Wendy Kerr at 11/2/2014

     LOE     LOE

    On October 27, 2014, Live Oak Elementary School hosted our first parent and community event, "Leading and Growing, Together". The night was specifically designed for parents based on empirical research that states that principals who, “recognized the importance of the home-school connection, in turn experienced increased parent involvement and student behavior and academic success” (Sanders, 2014, p. 250). Additionally, in order to foster trusting relationships with all stakeholders, particularly the parent community, research continually illuminates the importance of these relationships, as well as the significance of prioritizing family and community, and the important role they play in the day to day operations of the school. Ultimately, the success of the student’s academic achievement rests on the figurative shoulders of strong parental involvement and dedicating funds for empowering and supporting my parent community. The night was a huge success and there will be more to come!

    Several teachers offered break out sessions based on parent interest, offering “choice” for all participants:

    • Watch Your P's and Q's, Multiplication and division models (Carlos Magos - facilitator)
    • Inspiring greatness within each child (Danni Fieri - facilitator)
    • The power of parent involvement in early literacy K-2 (Tiffany Coates - facilitator)
    • What does reading comprehension mean? 3-6 (Kathy Garcia - facilitator)
    • Beat the testing blues (Casey Guajardo - facilitator)
    • Common Core State Standards K-6 (Lilly Ellefsen - facilitator).
    • The Native Language as a Basis for Success (Oscar Caralampio—Student Teacher and facilitator)

    Lastly, LOE had 15 parent leaders complete an eight-week parent leader book club. Thanks to our school counselor, Marilyn Thompson and our PTA president, Nicole Weber, the participants read, collaborated, and shared their insights every Tuesday morning in Room B13 on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. Administration participated along the way, and witnessed great growth and empowerment in the graduates. They completed the journey with celebration potluck and certificates... in proper Covey fashion, everyone enjoyed “Sharpening the Saw” and taking a moment to celebrate!!

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  • Rosetta Stone at La Paloma

    Posted by Katy Jenssen at 10/21/2014
    Rosetta Stone Computer Lab

    La Paloma parents are actively modeling leadership for their children by becoming involved in two amazing parent education programs at our school!

    One of our popular programs is Rosetta Stone in both English and Spanish. Our Spanish speaking parents come on Monday and Wednesday mornings to improve their English skills and are so very excited and motivated to advance levels of Rosetta Stone English Competency. For many this is a unique opportunity to learn to work on a computer and operate in an online arena, as Rosetta Stone is all online. By improving parent skills in English, they are better able to help their children with homework as well as understand and participate in programs and events done in English. Many of our English speaking parents are also excited to be learning Spanish so that they are able to communicate better in our bilingual La Paloma Book Club.   Parents are finding it much easier to communicate with other parents who speak another language now that the language barrier is being taken down and they all are second language learners.

    7 Habits Group  

    Our diligent parents meet every other Friday and discuss assigned chapters reflecting as a group on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, a national bestseller. This book is said to be, “A true gift for the teenage soul”. It  offers teens a ‘solid road map’ to a successful future, focusing on setting goals and sticking to them in order to achieve their dreams. These are lifelong values and principles that will enrich these families’ lives by bringing the Habits into the home as well as school. This teen version helps teens to improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals, and get along with parents. Parents say, “It is helping me learn the same habits as my child and apply it to my own life.” Our families are so grateful to be getting this amazing guidance!

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