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  • San Onofre School's Hour of Code

    Posted by Lillian Perez at 12/14/2014
    Programming    Cubelets
    As a way to educate students about programming, San Onofre School joined thousand of schools around the world with the Hour of Code. By 2020, it is predicated that there will be 1,000,000 unfilled computer science jobs. The Hour of Code gives students a chance to explore programming as a possible career path and to enable them to better understand the increasingly programmable world in which they live.

    In December, every kindergarten through eighth grade class engaged in a coding/programming activity. Kindergarten and first grade classes programmed Bee-Bots, robotic bees, to move from one location to another. Second and third grade students explored Cubelets by using different configurations to determine their functions. Then, they created a robotic gizmo that could think, act, and sense. Students, in fourth and fifth grade, used Lego WeDo robotics to build and program various creatures and things that could move and make sounds. Middle School students used online block programming to create music, games and rotating snowflakes.

    As a culminating activity, San Onofre School held their 2nd Annual Hour of Code for families. On the evening of December 11th, students were invited to introduce their families to all of the school’s coding activities. Parents were impressed with the programming knowledge that their children possessed. Equally impressive were the Student Tech Coaches who facilitated many of the activities.

    San Onofre School is committed to preparing students to be future-ready by integrating technology, problem solving, and design in all classrooms.
    Lego    iPads  Bee-Bots
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  • Little Military Hero at San Onofre School

    Posted by Lillian Perez at 12/8/2014
     Little Hero
    San Onofre School is full of little military heroes, but one in particular, Alexis Salgado, has been recognized as Star 94.1 and SDCCU’s “Little Military Hero” for the month of October. Her teacher, Miss Alison Halpern, heard on the radio that they were holding a contest where you can go online and nominate a military child to receive a new laptop that can then be used to connect with a deployed parent via Skype, email or, in this case, blog. To Miss Halpern’s surprise, just 1 week after her submission of all 22 of her students she got a response from the “Jesse in the Morning” show producer to inform her that her little Alexis Salgado was chosen!
    In Miss Halpern’s first grade class each student has a personal blog that they use to share their learning. This blog is especially special for Alexis because her father is currently deployed on a ship. Staff Sargent Salgado is a forward observer (MOS 086) in the United States Marine Corp. Alexis has been missing her father more and more so this has been making her time at home difficult. You would never know because she comes to school everyday with a huge smile and wears that smile all day.
    One morning Miss Halpern and Alexis were extremely excited to see that he had found her blog! The following is the comment that Staff Sargent Salgado left to his little girl.
    “Hi Alexis! It’s daddy from the pirate ship. I finally found your page baby. I’m so proud of my little girl. You are so sweet and kind to everyone you have a good heart and daddy is very proud of you. Thank you for listening to mommy because she does a lot for us. Thank you for being a good example to your sister Lucy because she looks up to you. Daddy is safe on the boat. I’m always thinking of you, Lucy, and Mommy. I love you with all my heart I miss you so much I can’t wait to give you a big hug and many kisses. Remember, always say please and thank you, and keep on doing a good job on your homework.
    I love you,
    The morning Miss Halpern read this comment to Alexis will forever be with her. The smile on her face and the look in her eyes was truly priceless!
    The radio show invited Alexis, her mom and Miss Halpern to the studio to take pictures, make a video, have an interview and most exciting of all…present Alexis with a brand new laptop! The experience was all very exciting. She was asked a few questions that she answered in a sound studio, they took promotional pictures and then they were able to have an interview with Jesse and Delena. Miss Halpern, Alexis and her family want to thank Star 94.1 and SDCCU for recognizing these little heroes in our community.
    Check out Alexis on Star 94.1's website.
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  • Leadership at Mary Fay Pendleton

    Posted by Chad McGough and Emily Just at 12/5/2014
    MFP     MFP
    The students and staff of Mary Fay Pendleton School have continued to develop leadership capacity through the Leader in Me approach. Our leadership culture is highlighted by our classroom environments, and a focus on shared leadership opportunities. As students, staff, and community members walk through campus, leadership is visible, tangible, and voiced through classroom displays, a common language, and a feeling of pride in who we are and what we do.

    “As a member of the Campus Beautification Leadership Team and Flag Ceremony Leadership Team, I’ve learned what it truly means to synergize and work together to make decisions that will best impact everyone,” shared Brody McDonald, 7th grade student. “As a leader, it was a real honor to not only help make our school and community a better place, but to have the opportunity to recognize my peers for their accomplishments too.”

    This year Mary Fay Pendleton School invited all students in grades 5-8 to share in leadership opportunities. The enthusiasm was overwhelming as over 130 students volunteered to take part in leadership on campus through Leadership Council. The 8 Leadership Council Committees include: The Green Team, Student Greeter Leaders, Spirit Day, Campus Beautification, Poster Making, Flag Ceremony, Family Nights, and Community Service. Although each committee is headed by a teacher/staff member, all the ideas and projects are student led. Many of our committees also synergize on the same projects to ensure their success.

    “Serving as a Student Greeter Leader is a great thing because I get to meet new people, and I get to represent the school because I am the first person our new students meet,” shared Chloe Ranger, 7th grade student. “Taking the time to make a new friend helps me to sharpen the saw.”

    The role of the Student Greeter Leader is to welcome new students, give them a tour of campus, and introduce them to staff and students. “With the ever changing nature of the Marine Corps Base, the influx of new students is steady. Our new students have adjusted well to their new school and made new friends in the process, due in part to the Student Greeter Leaders,” shared Elizabeth Metcalf, 7th grade teacher.

    The Community Service Leadership Team has been hard at work giving back to our local community. Under the guidance of teachers Patti Drew, Shayla Hoff, and Evelyn Seeger, students collected 331 pounds of Halloween candy to send to deployed troops. In the process, they also raised $331 for future community projects, and $331 for charity. This month the leaders are busy at work collecting picture books for Rady’s Children’s Hospital and Casa de Amparo. MFP leaders will read the books to the children, and then donate them.

    November 14th marked our first student-led Flag Ceremony at MFP. Leading up to the big event, students planned the order of events which included a presentation of the colors from our Boy Scout Troop, the National Anthem by Kyrstin Finnegan, and Leader in Me performances by Mrs. Crowell, Ms. Odom, and Mrs. Noetzel’s classes. Flag Ceremony Leaders also recognized their peers for their accomplishments with Perfect Attendance and Citizenship. Mary Fay Pendleton looks forward to continuing this tradition of hosting flag ceremonies.

    “My children are new to Mary Fay Pendleton School this year, but I have watched them grow so much in the short time they’ve been here,” said Angela Underwood, parent of two students. “Killian is much more proactive at home in his eagerness to help with any task, and he has done a much better job of putting first things first.”
    MFP     MFP
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